The 14 villages of the Bauges region

14 villages make up the “Coeur des Bauges”

Staff in the Coeur des Bauges Tourist Office will be delighted to help you explore the 14 villages dotted around this picturesque province: Aillon le Jeune, Aillon le Vieux, Arith, Bellecombe en Bauges, Le Châtelard (administrative centre), La Compôte, Doucy en Bauges, Ecole, Jarsy, Lescheraines, La Motte en Bauges, Le Noyer, Saint François de Sales, Sainte Reine.  

Holidays in the « Coeur des Bauges » are all about enjoying life at your own pace in these peaceful unspoilt mountains where each village is unique and waiting to be explored.
Divided between the Savoie and the Haute Savoie, the Bauges Mountains form a link in the long chain of the alpine foothills, as the Vercors, Chartreuse, Aravis etc.
The area is the historic centre of these mountains which have their own unique charm and are just waiting to be explored. The Bauges Mountains and scenery are simply stunning and home to a wide range of alpine flora and fauna.
You’ll be delighted with the cultural heritage, local craftsmanship and farm-produced products including the famous Tome des Bauges cheese.
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