School trips

School trips to the Bauges Geopark!

Since 1994, the Cœur des Bauges Tourist Information Office offers the chance to discover the region's many different features thanks to a network of environmental awareness professionals brought together under a Quality Service Charter. The range of school trips and nature excursions available focus on learning about the region and about sustainable development in the protected areas of Le Massif des Bauges Regional Natural Park.
The school trips tackle 4 main themes: natural habitats, rural heritage, eco-citizenship and outdoor activities.
We offer snowshoeing hikes, cross-country skiing trips, cheese-making workshops, an introduction to bee-keeping, a visit to the Combe de Savoie Ecomuseum and many more. Check out our website for more information.
For more information on school trips or visits to Les Bauges, please contact the Cœur des Bauges Tourist Information Office on +33 (0)

We look forward to seeing you soon in Les Bauges !
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