Le Massif des Bauges is a paradise for fishing!
AAPPMA Fishing Authority 'La Truite du Canton du Chatelard'
Fishing sites:
- River fishing (Category 1, private estate): The Chéran river (currents and under currents) 65km, as well as the "Prendre et relâcher" (Fish and Release) Trail.
- Lake fishing:
     * Swimming lake in Le Châtelard (Category 1)
     * Swimming lake in Lescheraines (Category 2)
     * Swimming lake in La Motte-en-Bauges (enclosed basin). Special permit (on sale at the Hotel Mazin).
Fishing permits:
1-year permits and day permits for fishing in Les Bauges are available to buy.
For more information, contact the AAPPMA Fishing Authority: Tel: +33 (0)4 79 54 86 29.
Where to buy fishing permits:
- the Coeur des Bauges Tourist Information Office (in Le Châtelard): contact us
- Tabac Gonthier (Tabaconnist's in Lescheraines - Le Pont)
Fishing equipment and bait:
On sale at Carrefour Contact in Le Châtelard.
New !
There are 10 fishing trails to discover all along the Chéran river. These trails are available in the form of information sheets, presented in a box set, on sale at the Cœur des Bauges Tourist Information Office for €8.