The Col of Arclusaz (loop starting from the Bellevaux convent car park)

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Circuit n° 1
From Chambéry, reach Ecole via the Col du Frêne (D911). Turn right in the village, direction Jarsy, and at the exit take the road to the Vallon de Bellevaux. Park about 3k away, in the so-called “Couvent” car park. Start of the route upstream of the road.
  • L'Arclusaz
  • Arclusaz
  • Arclusaz
  • Arclusaz
Let's go for a hike in the heart of the mountain pastures!
What a fantastic feeling to travel through this wide open pastoral valley, to reach the Col de l'Arclusaz, perched at the top of the cliff.
How to feel like the kings of the world!
First take this little path that goes up, hidden in the forest, following the stream. Then suddenly, coming out of the cover of the trees, the wide valley of Arclusaz opens up in front of you.

You enter a landscape of chalets and mountain pastures, framed by the Pointe des Arlicots and the Grand Parra to the east and the Dent de l'Arclusaz to the west. As you progress through the vast meadows towards the bottom of the valley, you come across chalets here and there grouped together in small families of three or four.

When you reach the Col de l'Arclusaz, suspended at the top of a cliff, you dominate the Isère valley which stretches out at your feet. Above you, Napoleon's hat, a huge stone headgear, towers over you by a hundred meters.

You then descend by another route which will take you past Notre-Dame de Bellevaux. Stop for a few moments to savor the calm and admire this charming chapel erected in 1839 on the site of a former monastery
From 15/04 to 31/10.
  • Route :
    • Daily duration (in min) 405
    • Height difference (in m) 952
    • Positive elevation gain (in m) 952
The Col of Arclusaz (loop starting from the Bellevaux convent car park)
Parking du couvent de Bellevaux
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